Quality Policy -

To derive total customer satisfaction by achieving excellence in engineering through continuous improvement in business practices.

We have the following Testing & Measuring facilities -

1. Magnoflux
2. Hardness Tester
3. Slip Gauge / Height Gauges / Bore Gauges / Surface Plates
4. Micron Dial / Micron Micrometer / Micron Pitch Micrometer.
5. Verniers, Micrometers, etc
6. Multi - Axis Height Master
7. Surface Roughness Measuring
8. Computer Aided Profile Projector
9. Optical Profile Grinder

All our measuring instruments are periodically calibrated with NABL approved laboratories to ensure production of quality components.

Our area of expertise - lengths one meter and below

Our In-house Facility Backons You.
If your component is within the size 550 x 1000mm L it can be.. Read more
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