Precision Engineering

Over 25 Years of Engineering Expertise

With over twenty five years of expertise in component manufacturing, Laveena Engineering has been serving automotive, infrastructure, defense and general engineering sectors for manufacturing of turned, machined and pressed components, and has also been a center for prototype and new product development and engineering. We are located in Sunkadatte, Bangalore – right next to Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore’s industrial manufacturing hub.

How we work

Design and Draft

Design & draft - After understanding your requirement, we get to the drawing board to virtually recreate your component or sub-assembly.


Then we set up a process plan with in-stage process and quality assurance for your product.


The component is taken up for manufacture by our highly skilled operators, dedicatedly followed up by a product development engineer.

Testing and Quality

Finished products are subjected to quality inspection and testing before finally being approved for packing and dispatch.

Company Profile

Laveena Engineering is a multi-dimensional component manufacturing organisation spanning a working area of 35000 square feet. Spearheaded by veterans in the industry with a collective experience of over 100 years in the field, backed by dedicated teams of professionally qualified and experienced engineers, Laveena focuses on excellence in engineering precision and continuous improvement in product and quality. We are an ISO 9001 : 2015 certified organization.

Comprehensive quality control procedures are undergone to ensure all components manufactured meet and exceed customer requirements. Experienced staff coupled with periodically calibrated measuring instruments and testing facilities guarantee world class parts and sub – assemblies. Some of our happy customers are:

Our services

Precision Turned  and Machined Components

Laveena provides complete component manufacturing services, with our in-house facilities of CNC Turning, VMC machining, turning on conventional lathes, machining on conventional milling machines with DRO inputs, bar-fed semi-auto & CNC lathes available. With the multitude of turning and machining centers of varied chucking, holding and length capacities on the shop floor, we ensure our customers’ requirements are met as per design. We can machine a large range of raw material – carbon steel, alloy steels, stainless steels, tool steels, die steels, copper, brass, titanium, inconel grades, nimonic grades, aluminium, graphite, composites, molybdenum etc.

Toolings, Jigs and Fixtures

We design & manufacture as per your application, with various grade capabilities – D1/D2 grade tools and dies, HCHCR tools and dies, OHNS tools and dies, M series grade tools and dies, carbon steel and stainless steel grade jigs, carbon steel fixtures, graphite fixtures, carbon fiber composite (CFC) fixtures, stainless steel fixtures, inconel fixtures, nimonic fixtures, copper electrodes etc. Any tool manufactured requires the right knowledge and design put into selection of raw material, tolerances, clearances, finishing and heat treatment to deliver accuracy and life. Our experience comes from the vast industrial sectors we have served for this application – be zero clearance blanking on plastic or ultra-low tolerance burr free shearing of sheet metal. Industries to whom we’ve supplied toolings include automotive, packaging, bottling, medical equipments, construction, mining, scientific & lab equipments and pump manufacturing.

Forged and Machined Components

The forging process was brought into Laveena as part of backward integration to serve our customers. Based on the application, the characteristics of forgings to have superior strength and tend to be free from porosity which makes it a good raw material selection. Serving primarily the automotive and general industrial sectors, we undertake post process machining and finishing on hot formed components and forged components as per your requirement.

Fabricated Components and Sub Assemblies

Laveena’s comprehensive setup enables us to provide you with complete finished & tested, ready to go sub-assemblies.

Our dedicated design team studies and models your components and sub-assemblies before coming up with the most economical and practical process model tailored to the quality requirements of the end user. From fabrication, machining, sub – assembly, painting to testing, we ensure a foolproof solution and consistent manufacturing of your product.

New Product Development

Working with an idea or concept that is to be brought out as a functioning product to the industry? Laveena Engineering has been developing new products and prototypes since its inception, and with our reliable expertise we make sure the most effective and economical manufacturing processes are employed to deliver future-proof consistent results, again and again. From conceptualization, 3D modeling, finite element analysis to prototype testing and development, then to process improvement, streamlining and quality assurance Laveena Engineering works towards a solution that is the most functionally feasible. The products can be parts, assemblies, SPMs, and can also be integrated with the latest control systems, PLC and SCADA for automation as required. Based on function, complete product design can be taken up as well as development of mechanism, assembly and electronics.


Comprehensive quality control procedures are undergone to ensure all components manufactured meet and exceed customer requirements(in-house parameters as well as customer requirements). Experienced staff coupled with periodically calibrated measuring instruments and testing facilities guarantee world class parts and sub – assemblies. We strive to derive total customer satisfaction by achieving excellence in engineering through continuous improvement in processes. 

We have the following Testing & Measuring facilities

1. Magnoflux
2. Hardness Tester
3. Slip Gauge / Height Gauges / Bore Gauges / Surface Plates
4. Micron Dial / Micron Micrometer / Micron Pitch Micrometer.
5. Verniers, Micrometers, etc
6. Multi – Axis Height Master
7. Surface Roughness Measuring
8. Computer Aided Profile Projector
9. Optical Profile Grinder